Why I.A.M.


I AMarketing

I.A.Marketing is a Search Engine Marketing (SEM) company in Vancouver Our Clients (You) will be able to say I AM, the only person or company representing My Service area. That is the I and the A is for Army to supercharge Your business with an artillary of business owners just like you battling for your market share. Industry Army Marketing comes from a Mom and Pop shop working in the construction and renovation sector in the ever so popular Vancouver Market. And with necessity being the mother of invention the mother of necessity all SEO services had to be done in-house. Having success with Marketing we were getting busier and doing bigger projects. We then decided to outsource some of the SEO work by contracting SEO services to a large international SEO company. What we noticed though was a lot of moderate grade material, misinformation on the sites, grammatical errors, and other inconsistencies. We could not build a national brand with material like that!


SEO with The Best Results

There is a saying about getting lucky, and every successful business has those break through moments. Some people from the outside might think that was a lucky break, or what a fluke; you’ve heard the stories. But the insiders who where there know that hard work and extra effort pay off because this is when preparation meets perspiration. Sweat Equity others might call it. Yes, it takes a lot of work to get there; therefore, building a “Hub” site to use for each industry helps with spreading the work load out. Yes, it is the most cost effective way to campaign on the internet.

If there is One thing we know about SEO and the Service Industry it is that it takes constant work to get a page or a site to get top rankings. It really is nothing more than hard work and common sense. What I noticed in building these pages is you have to have Good Content, Fresh clear Pictures, and a style that works for your customer audience.

100% Genuine Content

Our SEM and SEO work is created just for our sites and your informational pages. At I AMarketing we will never use spinners to create content. Rather, all content comes from the information you share with us and researched information is written for rich SEO web content that works to tell a story about your company. Putting the same effort into these hub sites will bring great profits for all those who join in on the efforts. You can be sure the information is accurate and will put positive light on your goods or services offered.

Proven SEO Methods

What we are doing here at I AMarketing is creating a successful backlink centre. If you don’t know anything about backlinks and how they work just think of them as referrals. The more friends and referrals you have the more popular you are both in real life and on the web. Having a link from with in an industry or product you are selling tell the Search Engines your “Stuff” is Good. So what we Need and expect from you in this partnership is a link from Your Site back to Your Landing page on the Hub Site. This tells Google and others this “stuff” is good, this “stuff” is worth checking out. Having strength in numbers approach helps, therefore we require one post a month about your products or services to help tell the world about your industry. It is just that simple, Sign up Now!