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When we sign you up, and it is only a matter of time before we do. You sign up to an Industry you belong to and service. It is $120 to build your landing page, with your customer reviews, your contact information, and your updated content. And get  SEO articles about your goods and services to spread to the world. Then for as little as $10 a month you get an SEO Package. We want to prove to you what we can do for just $10 a month will make you switch your entire marketing budget and have us as your SEO Agency in Toronto. With access to SEO and SEM custom packages to increase your Business online even greater. We then build anchor text and others SEO strategies to get your noticed. After all it is Your Landing Page. We help with getting  you a Google Map Listing with your address and information on it to help with local searches. What we are saying is this is the Very Best Lead Generation business in Canada and we are here to help Grow Your Business! SEO Agency Toronto provides the Best SEO  services in Toronto. Try market your business with us for just $10 a month. We can prove our SEO works.

I. A.Marketing SEM Services

With having so many sub domains to the industry you are able to Market can also build custom landing pages offering your goods and services to the city or regions you service. For instance SEOPackages.ca is a sub directory for SEOAgencyToronto.com.

When you have a website with industry specific search terms built in that point back to your website the Search Engines look at the site and the anchor text and where it points back to. What we are saying is that for every site you sign up on the more Your site is liked and recognized as a leader in the industry, and the area you serve.

Adding Sites Adding Value

Now that you are a member we look at it as a partnership. There is work that goes into maintaining these sub sites, the content, and the servers. Remember we are partners in this SEM thing. We want to share the costs and rewards with our Partners.

For each additional site the upload is included because we have most of the info and logos already to go our load time is quicker and more efficient.

The monthly fee stays the same $10. Remember we are the Home of 10 Dollar SEO Packages.