How It Works


1 Company per Market

At Industry Army Marketing(aka SEO Agency Toronto) we will never cross your business or service with any that does the same service or sell the same product with in a service area. One customer per city name, Always! In doing so we are creating a melting pot of other businesses or services like your across the country. You will be the only one that has free access to post as much as you want and tell the world about what you do and sell in your City.

Hub Marketing

After years of research with online marketing our team has figured it better to have a “Hub” Web site  where there are constantly updates and upgrades. And who can afford that, we want your online marketing to be the most cost effective marketing you have. Creating you with your own landing pages with your Company info on them. With your products or services on them, and prices and advertisements if you want. Have complete access to the blog section for you to tell the world about new products, services, tools, or any thing else in your Business.

Sign up to any of our SEO Packages

We know there are many entrepeneurs out there. And when it is snowing they have a Snow Removal buisness, and when itis nice they have a lawn care and sprinkler company or a roofing business.We have Industry Hub sites that work to provide the best SEO Package in Toronto. Join The Industry Army and get SEO from just $10 a month, with a $120 sign up fee. We will prove with our starter package we are the real deal in SEO agencies. Advertise and use it as a platform for your existing site. Get recognition on other service companies websites as well. Consumers looking for Your goods and services are also looking for others. This means you might have your service industry noticed at the right time. These site as visited by contractors, builders, property managers and homeowners.


And of course there is the SEO factor. Search Engine Optimization is the key to what we are doing. We are getting The Industry Army Marketing site’s the the first page and top place rankings with the help of you. Yes it all works because of your information. Your Backlink. Yes we require a natural backlink from your site to Your landing page or pages on the Industry site you sign up for. Once that link is broken so does the weight of what we are doing. As a hole from great sites and back-links with in the industry we collectively win. Search Engine Marketing is what we are bringing back to your site. We run the best systems we can for the primary site and redirect that information as the resource site for your web site. Marketing for your business. The great debate over what is “marketing” what is “Branding”? No need to worry with Indusrty Army Marketing We do both! When a consumer is looking for your goods and services they go through primarily marketing funnels. They are looking for that product or service now or very close to the purchasing decision time. Branding is when they see your logo your company info long before they are looking for what you do. Branding is great when they feel comfortable with you but don’t even know why. But the reason gets greater and greater as we help on so many websites to promote your Company.

Our SEO Contract

Search Engine Optimization Agency Toronto has no long term commitment. But we want to prove to you we can get results in just a few short weeks(with larger packages) or 6 months with our $10 beginner SEO Package.