Colin with John Chow

Colin with John Chow

If any one out there is looking for the way to market their business you must attend events that bring the very best in their perspective industry.

John Chow is one of those people. is a pro at building sales funnels and landing pages to create new clients. Yes John is about the blogging industry and not in the SEO industry but every business has many of the same marketing strategies.

If you can go to an event and have one take away, and use it that might be very beneficial to helping bring in new clients.
Building squeeze pages to get the customer information so you have the permission to contact them again and again.

These successful people have ways to think about building businesses in a way that is very effective. If you have an effective marketing system you waste less money. That means a better ROI.

Make sure your clients can trust you and your products. Building trust builds relationships that last and can grow your customer lifetime value.

Build your client funnels so that you can get the very best in customers.
Build increase value in your customer experience. If you can build that experience in every customer you can have an average of 20% added value from each customer.