The Three types of Business Follower-ship

Iman Aghay

Iman Aghay

Promotional Partners

For every business you must find a promotional partner. In some cases this promotional partner might be as much as 20% of your revenue stream. It is important to have many promotional partners in your business fellowship.

Sneezers: Are people who follow you believe in you. They talk about you and tell their family ind friends about your products or services. These people share your message. A valuable partner in your marketing brand.
Favour Motivated: They are people or businesses you can align with that can share your contact info with and deliver your message with them through email lists. You also share your email list to deliver their product and info. Even if you cant align with them this way there are ways to connect through other promotions or events. Work out a deal with these companies to offer value in the info you share.
Content Motivated: What your business teaches helps other perform their tasks and products. Work out a relationships that can have a relationship with big business. Big business needs to look good to their clients and brand. These relationships can share in social media, volunteer events, and other ways to connect with value based clients and groups. When they look good, You look good.
Money Motivated: Pay per client or work out how they can sell their products or services through your sales funnel. Everyone of your clients has value in a monetary way. For instance if you sell out events your clients pay to go to these events. Even if they are a free seminar. How to get money out of your clients from a free seminar as your touch point. These clients know even thou their seminar is for free. They also know that a percentage of each client will purchase by the end of the seminar is done and finished. Work with in a system and you will know what the value is of each client/seat. Your average customer lifetime Value.
Credibility Seekers:Promotional partners that need to add value to their credibility. Your brand can reach out to build another person product or brand. This again must be shared with people of familiar values. Who can you approach and align with to build your businesses credibility.

Production Partners

These could be companies that you work with and can help each other promote each others business. These types of relationships can help build and also give you a chance to look good at the same time. If you can make people or a business look good and build a relationship that shares clients and cost of visibility.
Your Clients: You already have a relationship with them and trust your offering. These clients might be able to share back in some of your value offerings. When you have products or services you give away then you have a offering to share with new clients they bring t you.
Your Competitors: These clients might be just based on price point. Maybe you have a kick back program. They also might have some of the same products or services, but probably not all the same products. Your company and the competitor company might have different products that they do not share or sell the product services. If you look deep into your competitors they might also be your best referral partner.
Business in Same Niche Market: Build your power team. People that service the same client but in a different sector. For instance realtors with Mortgage brokers, flooring companies with painters.
Affiliate Networks: These companies can help reach out to partners in a very fast way through affiliated websites. This can be done on a pay per click, or through products being sold.

Clients and Potential Partners

Find companies that what to work with you, that see a benefit in building a brand relationship.
These business partners must have the same kind of vision and values built into their business.
Influential Partners: Tracking System and promotional codes and of course gift cards. These products can be traced back to who is giving you the most business. Promotional partners help market your business. They in turn become your soft sell partner. This is the world of analytics, this can work out efficiency of your promotional partners.