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Small Business SEO Packages

If you are a small business owner and need help to market online then this is for you. Our Small Business SEO Services is the right fit for you and your company. We have a “Hub Marketing” system that lets you get onto an Industry Hub site where you get your contact info and links to your site.
These sites are already up and running and can give great impact to your marketing in the shortest time. You have nothing to loose with a $120 sign up and just $10 SEO Packages a month.

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Seminar Schedule

Learn more about your future business endeavors! Enjoy free seminars all weekend long. Topics include how to choose and evaluate a franchise, understanding government regulations, Revenue Canada requirements, marketing, sales, human resources, legal considerations when buying a business, and lease negotiations. You will learn first hand from experienced business owners what it takes to get started, as well as obtain valuable information that will assist in selecting the business that is right for you!

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Mark Eversfield 12:00 noon

Insights to Select the ‘Right’ Franchise opportunity for You

Seminar presented by: Mark Eversfield ~ Small Business BC


Colin Hamilton  1:00 pm

Top 5 Best Practices to Consider When Marketing Your Business

Seminar presented by: Colin Hamilton, Owner ~ Industry Army Marketing

Colin Hamilton is a entrepreneur that built and created a a National brand in the HVAC business. His Hub Marketing strategy has been featured in Business in Vancouver in Nov of 2011. As well as building a lead generation business that generates more than 6,000,000 a year in revenues to the businesses he serves.

Online marketing grew his renovation business in the 2006. When asked what drives him to build a lead generation business his answer will be the same every time, “to help small business grow so they can serve their customers better”. To Colin he sees the online world as way to unite businesses in different regions but in similar industries as a way to differentiate his online marketing apart from other SEO consultants.

When Colin is looking into how small business will survive and thrive he say’s it is simple. ‘Work like the big chains do, buy goods together and market as one”. With a small business mentality and one world that is connected thinking you can see why Colin get’s excited about helping out business owners everywhere.

Steve Nickerson 2:00 pm

How to Choose the Right Franchise For You

Seminar presented by: Steve Nickerson, VP Franchise Development ~ MTY TikiMing Enterprises Inc.


Andrew Goodman 3:00 pm

Exploring your Financial Options for Financing Your Small Business

Seminar presented by: Andy Goodman, President ~ FranSmart Canada



Sunday, April 13, 2014

Colin Hamilton 12:00 noon

Top 5 Best Practices to Consider When Marketing Your Business

Seminar presented by: Colin Hamilton, Owner ~ Industry Army Marketing


Steve Nickerson 1:30 pm

How to Choose the Right Franchise For You

Seminar presented by: Steve Nickerson, VP Franchise Development ~ MTY TikiMing Enterprises Inc.


Japji Chandhoke 3:00 pm

Accessing Government Grants for your Business

Seminar presented by: Japji Chandhoke, VP Operations ~


SEO For Realtors

]SEO Savings

Save On SEO

We want to help build your Real Estate business with our SEO services. Sign up now and save on the sign up fees and then market your business for just $10 a month. Join and own your region. HouseOnSale/yourregion will be yours. And with Industry Army Marketing(I.A.M) you are the only person or company in your area but have an Army of industry leaders just like you to join forces on line to kill your competition online.

Call now for your Region before your competitor takes it. 1-855-ARMY-SEO(276-9736)

The Future Of SEO

WHere is SEO Going

SEO is moving towards being more social based than technical. Around three years ago SEO was all about getting links, and links are still important. But case studies and our experience has shown that social signals such as facebook shares, likes and tweets are now part of the equation. And because of this, content (articles, videos, infographics, podcasts, etc) are very important.

The Content must provide value and possibly entertaining to the target market. If the content is promoted the right way, this can result in high quality traffic to the website. The search engine notices this and rewards sites with even more traffic.

This is how Industry Army Marketing can make a difference in SEO for your company site. We can provide your target markets with what they want. With SEO content writers that look for trends and articles that can interest readers in any topic. We will also add links and you will have a website that will be receiving traffic for years to come.

Hummingbird SEO

Google’s Hummingbird update explained – what should it mean for your SEO?

Last week Google announced its new Hummingbird algo update, putting lots of SEOs into doubts and concerns – what should this algo change mean to you and your website? To make sure you don’t get down into panic and plan your SEO strategy wisely, we’ve put up this short guide to explain what Hummingbird update is, how it affects your rankings and how to adapt your SEO strategy to benefit from the changes.

So, what do we know about Hummingbird?

Though announced on September 26 only, Hummingbird was in fact released a month before that and is said to affect 90% of search queries.

Unlike Penguin and Panda, Hummingbird is not a penalty-based update (aimed at cleaning the SERPs from low-quality content), but a change in the way Google reacts to different types of queries, which lets the search engine now get the actual meaning behind a query, rather than the separate terms in it.

Besides, the algorithm is called to better deal with conversational queries, considering the growing number of mobile search users and voice searchers.

So Hummingbird is all about Google being able to catch users’ actual search intent and find the content that matches this intent the best.

But what does this mean for Internet marketers and SEO? Well, it means a few things become increasingly more important, and first of all – the content on your site. The name of the game is relevance and your content needs to be deep and rich, rather than just fluff stuffed with keywords.

Now to get a better idea of how to adapt your digital marketing strategy to that change, you need to understand which mechanisms Google probably uses to achieve the relevance goal and what each of them means for your site.

Keyword Strategy

The first challenge Google has to deal with today is the growing number of conversational phrases people use to search the Web. Quite likely (and that is especially true for mobile voice search users), these queries will be of a longer, question-like type – “how to…?”, “where is the nearest…?”, “where can I get…?”, etc.

Interpreting these longer phrases, Google can no longer rely on the keywords only and provide different results for each of them. But rather bring numerous conversational requests to a shorter “general term”, based on the type of searchers’ intent:

1. The user wanders “How old is Miley Cyrus?”, so…
2. The user wants general information about Miley Cyrus, so…
3. The users will find that info in Miley Cyrus biography

Try determining all conversational phrases people are likely to use when searching for your services, and classify them into informational, navigational and transactional.

Make sure your content covers each of the 3 types:

To cover informational queries, create educational, wikipedia-type content.
Navigational queries are your brand name, your product name, the name of your site, etc. What often helps you rank higher for your brand keywords are brand and website name mentions on thematically relevant resources.
For transactional queries, use appropriate keywords in your content, for example “hire Jason C. – a web designer from Sydney”
When possible, target conversational phrases just as they are. For all the rest of conversational terms, use their shorter equivalents.
Another step towards relevant search results is determining what a page is about using not only individual keywords, but their synonyms and co-occurring terms.

Practically this means that Google shows search results not only for the exact phrase the user typed in, but for other theme-related terms.

For a theme-relevant website, this results in extra exposure opportunities: it’s likely to get to Google’s top not only for your targeted keywords, but for lots of their synonyms.

On the contrary, the page cut for a separate keyword (without keeping in mind its co- occurring terms and synonyms) is likely to be replaced with a page form theme-relevant site.

What should you do? Expand your keyword research, focusing on synonyms and co-occurring terms to diversify your content:

To see which search terms Google considers synonymous, pay attention to related keywords, acronyms or spelling variants of your keywords highlighted in search results:

Google Algorithm

Top Rankings from Search Engines

As you know Google is continuously updating its algorithm in regard with TOP 10 rankings for the websites in different niches. By having a well done on-page optimization, a good off-page link building process and a targeted email marketing campaign you can make a difference for your website!

The idea is that after a website is well optimized the benefit consists in the increase of links, direct traffic to your website and also higher rankings in search engines.

If you would like more details about our SEO packages or would like to ask me anything regarding this matter then feel free to contact us at 1-855-ARMYSEO(276-9736)

Hummingbird SEO

Staying On Top Of SEO

Staying On Top Of SEO

Hummingbird SEO Algorithm is geared toward ‘Conversational Search’ to assist in bringing more relevant results to those that enter questions such as “Where is the closest pizza place?”

We make sures the geolocation tags could gain a small amount of importance, but the standard SEO practices still apply overall: Quality original content, image alts should be clear and concise for screen readers, Headings should be properly ordered, and keyword density should be between 2 and 3%.

Optimizing for potential answers to peoples questions will be key. I think also that having an equivalent of Public relations for the web will be important for companies.This is to reduce negative search queries which could potentially effect business and PR.

Hummingbird Algorithm is designed so searches will rank sites that match the entire query more highly than sites that only employ the use of only several words in the query. We believe that when its time to optimize a website make sure the Hummingbird Algorithm would hit it more often using such practices. We would analyze what phrases are most often typed and creating a successful hit on our website rather than just specific words that in that query that is producing the hit.

Back Links

Permanent links

Back Links are links which give your site attention to the search engines and tell them what your site is about. More often than not these back links are better to be pointed to a particular page giving that user who might follow that link a direction to a page that is for the goods or services are pointing to. <a href=”” title=”What Is A Back Link” target=”_blank”>Good back link</a>. This tells google Industry Army Marketing has a page to “What Is A Good Back Link

Mnay times you pay for a back link with a one-time payment. You will not need to pay again to keep them active. Industry Amry Marketing uses “permanent links”  designed as landing pages for lead generation for their clients in different industries..

The term permanent simply means that you pay for the links one time and the links will remain on the Internet for however long they remain on the Internet. Sometimes this can be a few years and sometimes this may only be a few weeks.

Now, you may be wondering, “Why would I want to pay for a link that may be on the Internet?” That is a good question. We ask you to consider things you may buy for use. Your company probably already subscribes to differnet trades organizations of which a link is given to your site as a membership. These links we provide are basically the same. As we put them on industry related sites creating magazines on line and position your company as a leader in your industry just like any organization site does.

Our permanent links are often cost fraction of the cost of other trades organizations. Our costs are very low because because they are typically spread between lower page rank and higher page ranks on blogs or websites.

So why would you want links on sites with little or no page rank? One major reason besides the reduced cost is that they look more natural to Google. If every single backlink linking to your website was a page rank 1 or higher this would look EXTREMELY unnatural.

You need a distribution of high PR links and also low or no PR links. Also, permanent links work well when you point them to your press releases or sites like YouTube.  Or building short term traffic boost. Also our permanent links are great foundational links for a brand new sites.

Becasue our Industry related sites are up and running the extra attention we can provide to yuor site will help give SEO authrity to your site in your area.

Search Engine Optimization Vancouver

Internet Marketing

Do you have a website? Are your customers finding your website? Would you like to create more exposure for your company by being found on the front pages of search engines? Our focus is to get your company noticed in Google, Yahoo, Bing and all search engines. Our experienced Search Engine Optimization specialists will develop a strategic website marketing plan that, in turn, will launch your company’s website to the top of the search engines.

How Do We Do It?
Design & Promote has a proven track record of getting companies to the top of the search engines. Some of the products we offer in achieving those successes are (but not limited to): SEO, Press Release Writing and Submission, Article Writing, Website Content, Social Network Marketing, and Forum Posting. We will always communicate our tactics with you so you may fully understand the concept and look forward to the results!

The internet is quickly becoming one of the primary sources for people to receive media, attract customers, and gather business. The web can be used as a powerful marketing tool in a number of ways to promote businesses and reach people across the globe. There are many types of internet marketing techniques, many of which are easy and effective. Here is a list of some notable online marketing techniques:

Search engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization or SEO is establishing an online presence for websites. The search is referred to as what people are looking for in “keywords”. These keywords can be found through tools like google adwords tool. This is a great weapon for finding out what people are actually looking up when typing into google or other search engine.

The Engines are Google, Bing, Yahoo, Ask, or many other companions that have a data base of what is on websites from around the world.

Optimization is when you Optimize your pages to tell the search engines what your website is about, and more importantly what each page is about. Most website designer will do optimization to the website they are creating for their clients and in many cases the website owner thinks they will rank on Google. And they might for a few keywords that are not highly competitive. Off page optimization is when an SEO professional will optimize the site to tell the search engines how great your website is, and how great each page is. The term great means that the SEO professional has done key word research to make sure your website is getting the most out of the keywords that describe your offering. Make no mistake that highly competitive keywords take a great deal of work to rank when high competition is involved. This is what we describe as in-bound marketing.

Statistics show that 60% of all organic clicks go to the top three results in a web search. An SEO professional makes it possible for popular search engines to index a website and boost it up to the top of the results page. Search Engine Optimization makes use of website elements such as titles, meta tag description, images that have titles, and keywords to increase search engine exposure for both on-page and off-page SEO.

Social Media Marketing

Search Engine Marketing and Social Networking are ways of taking over the internet, and it’s only getting bigger. The use of social media services to garner attention and website traffic is gaining just as much popularity as the networks themselves. The great thing about social media marketing is its low cost because making company profiles on websites such as Facebook, Pintrest, or LinkedIn are free. Having your business on social networks is an easy way for people to communicate and share their experiences good or bad with their friends. It is also a quick and effective way for companies to keep in touch with clients to help spread the good news or change the bad news to a good experience.

Pay Per Click Advertising

Pay per Click (PPC) is an advertising platform in which a business only pays for the advertisement when a potential customer clicks on the advertisement because you can sometimes get customers by just positioning your ad on top with a contact phone number. Even if potential clients do not click on it, you, the business owner, will not pay to rank in top positions. Companies that use PPC will display ads based on keywords to show relevant content to the user. Another benefit to using PPC is the measurement of success, because ads can be displayed within minutes to a highly targeted audience attracting new visitors who are looking for a specific service or goods.

Public relations

Press coverage is still a great way to build back links and to market your business. Getting news releases on a regular basis that are informative and news worthy will get your company a massive following in a short period of time. Internet publications get a huge following by colleagues and savvy clients who are in the know. Hiring a publication writer may seem expensive at first but will pay off in dividends if the process is done right. These articles can be about upcoming events such as fundraisers, contests where a substantial prize is offered, unique giveaways, a charity event you wish to endorse, or just something you believe in and wish to promote. All of these and many more are great ideas to promote a business in a positive manner to attract and create customer engagement.

E-mail Marketing

E-Mail marketing is the primary way to enhance the relationship that customers share with a company. To start this process, customers sign into an E-mail marketing platform such as a squeeze page or a contest form that may or may not happen online to keep your target audience informed about product upgrades, new products, or about an annual or service that is needed on a regular basis. Dentists did this process very well even before computers were in every home and business, repeatedly reminding clients about their product or service in order to retain business. For most businesses, encouraging customer loyalty can come with benefits such as discounted special offers, or opportunities to collect rewards or gifts for those who choose to be a subscriber. (Type or Idea Example: ‘Sign up two new members and get yours free’).


Business Networking is usually performed by like-minded business owners who recognize, create, and act upon business opportunities that are similar to their core values and client demography (such as mortgage brokers and realtors, interior designers and construction companies). Most business networks are a collaboration of business owners who wish to gather leads and referrals from one another in order to produce more activity within their marketplace. Networking can be conducted at a wide variety of levels that happen face to face. These tend to be small groups at the community level. Today many people use the internet to utilize expansive networks on the internet that span across the globe. Business networking is a cost effective way to target and meet other business owners to penetrate your marketplace. Along with email and Skype the internet is the best tool to help connect people and create your own business network.

Paid advertising

Most internet marketing are types of inbound marketing. The difference between these examples and paid advertising is that inbound marketing techniques attract customers that are already looking for a business such as yours. Attracting customers who aren’t necessarily looking for that business at the time is even harder. Many would say this is branding and not marketing as you must earn the trust of the potential client(s) even before they are looking at your company for goods or services. This is where paid advertising comes in through the creation of a recognizable, exposure brand for your business’s goods or services to encourage prospective new clients to choose you over others. In other words, this is breaking into the minds of people who have never heard of your name before. The most popular examples of paid advertising on the internet are banner ads. These graphic ads are there to entice the users while they are surfing around sites that may have similar end users. You may also want to entice a celebrity or a brand that has a similar proposition value with a large following already to help build trust in your potential clients.

There are many other types of marketing ideas that are not mentioned here, any of which can be used effectively to attract and retain new clients to your website and your business. These should give you a good idea about how many options you have to market your business on the internet. Depending on your company and the industry you are in, you will definitely choose different kinds of marketing that will connect and resinate with your end users. No matter which method you want to use for your company, Industry Army Marketing can help you research and implement a marketing campaign that will win more consumers for less using these tools. Our network of websites can create banner ads to be placed on similar sites to yours to either brand or market your business, but never on those sites with conflicting goods or services to your business.

Internet Marketing Tools

Squeeze Page

A squeeze page is designed to get your information on a single page of your website to collect information from clients and lead them to a unique Selling Proposition (USP). This page will quite often have a video that will explain your goods or service you are offering. This information is often followed with a promotion to that offering. In many cases the offering is just a teaser into what you are trying to get the customer to send you, whether money or contact information. This contact information is very valuable to make it easy to reach people when you have a launch of a new product or service. Many people may have visited squeeze pages before but did not know the terminology behind them.

Logo Design

The power of your logo plays an integral part in your advertising campaign and brand strategy. Your logo serves as your unique identification of your brand name. A well designed logo speaks to your customer, achieves recognition, and sets you apart from your competition. Our graphic design team will work with you to develop a creative and effective logo.

Websites that Convert

8 Ways to Boost Your Home Page

Your Web site should be working for you every second of the day, capturing leads, selling a product, or marketing your brand. Your website should be helping consumers answer questions, establish new markets, and give answers to some of their burning questions about your goods or services. And all of this can be handled on your Web site’s home page.

Industry Army Marketing has come up with a few best practices to consider for the home page. Which will give potential clients with a better overall experience and while boosting your credibility as a go-to resource in your market or create you as the industry leader for the products you deliver.

1. Keep your Customer front and centre

Make no mistake, consumers come to your Web site to search for information and great deals. Consumers want to search for deals from far and wide and want the impression that your site is reputable, is informative, and reliable. Give them a brand they can trust from the moment they see a professional website. A professional website give the customer the feeling that you care about the user experience and how you conduct business. Keep your customers attention is the obvious objective and we will explain this in more detail.

2. Calls to action and contact forms

The purpose of any Website is to get more business or create data for future lead generation. Use calls to action to ask the consumer to take action on a specific item. Asking a Web visitor to “click here to view” some information will typically garner more clicks then just embedding the link in your text. Be sure to have contact forms on well designed squeeze pages to entice visitors further. Ask them to make an appointment, get more information, sign up for updates, or news on your industry. These forms cannot be ignored this is how a Web site viewer becomes a lead.

3. Clear and Simple layout

Always focus on the visitor experience when thinking about your home page design and layout. Be clear with your purpose and don’t overwhelm them with content or too many decisions. Remember that white space is okay. Avoid heavy code and flash, as this will affect your page’s load times. Do not have something automatically play when visitors land on your home page, such as music, a video, or a voice recording you’re likely to have them quickly bouncing from your site.

4. Fresh and useful content

Content is King, and this knowledge is not so secret weapon for SEO. Even though most businesses and Web developers know how important content is, most companies are still not providing fresh and useful information on their Websites. What is useful content? Try to keep a local flair to a large part of what you post when your business targets local customers Talk about local markets or events around town, spotlight a business, try a “man on the street” interview, or just showcase a product with a theme of being the knowledge leader in your local area. Non-localized content can be anything from news to DIY projects and from FAQs to insider information. A mix of text, photos, and videos is ideal. Need ideas or fresh content that you don’t have time to research or write, try an SEO content writer.

5. Add links to your content

Use links on your home page to provide the visitor with a deeper dive into your site. For your Website to have value, set up your home page as the portal that allows users to easily navigate through to the internal pages of your site. Having proper anchor text is also great for Google Search. This can be accomplished in two ways – have clear menus with obvious navigation and add in links to your existing home page content.

6. Use video

These days, most users prefer to watch our Internet experience rather than read it. Get in front of this at this shift and use it as an opportunity. I know that many of you have already ventured into video by creating a you Tube Channel to bring your community together, but think about creating a business profile on video. Embedded video or video that will play on the page is a big win right now. As video continues to rise in popularity, adding an embedded video or playlist is a great way to increase both traffic and the time visitors spend on a page as well as to build rapport with visitors. If you have the right search engine optimization behind your videos, you can increase traffic to your site as well.

7. Social media is a part of your Web marketing strategy

Do more than just linking to your Facebook business page and LinkedIn profile. In fact, you might be better off downplaying those profiles so you don’t lose visitors to the social media sucker a similar solution should be on all of your content pages, if possible, and woven throughout your site in a meaningful way. “Share this” is simple to set up and allows users to share your content on their network of choice. Use social media to drive traffic to your Web site – share your own content when you have a new post or page or if you just want to draw attention to a page on your site.

8. A word on SEO (or several words)…

Stop over thinking search engine optimization. Try to focus on your content above all else, and make a great experience for the consumer. I know that you have been taught that keywords and on-page SEO are important to a good search ranking – and they are, to a point. But don’t be keyword silly and pack your home page with the little gems. On-page SEO will only take you so far. If your site stinks, you might get the traffic from the on-page SEO, but you will lose the lead. For those who are link crammers the same goes for you! If the experience stinks, you won’t get the business anyway.

So let’s review our best practices for your Web site home page:

1. A great Business Identify from the second your page appears
2. Use calls to action and get them to a squeeze page to build contact info
3. Be sure your design is clear and easy to navigate
4. Create or repurpose valuable content and resources
5. Use links and anchor text to drive them deeper in your website
6. Try video to engage users
7. Use social media to share valuable information and drive traffic
8. Don’t over work search engine optimization

Remember, experience matters! Try to create a fantastic experience for your Website visitor. There are lots of tricks to drive people to your site, but it’s another thing altogether to convert them to users of your products or services. And of course use Search Engine Optimizing to your home page and get your Website working for you today!

7 Steps to SEO Better Rankings

I.A.Marketing Vancouver SEO firm will lay out a simple but effective 7 step SEO Work Plan for your web site.

1. Website Analysis , Keyword Research & On Page Optimization for Search Engine friendly content.

Website Analysis : A through analysis of your website for errors and possible improvements. It also includes checking of competitor’s back links, Alexa rank, Page Rank, indexing, caching and many other things.

Keyword Research: Browse Relevant and targeted keywords – in order to achieve better rankings in their desired keywords.

ON Page Optimization: A properly done on page optimization shows a great effect on your Web site or Web page listing in natural search results. It includes: meta tags, alt tags, xml sitemap, Google analytics, site verification code, content optimization etc.

2. Search Engine Submission & Directory Submission

Search engine Submission is one of the best ways to promote a web site by submitting your web site directly to a search engine.

3. Directory & Bookmarking Submission

Directory & Bookmarking Submission: Effective way to generate maximum number of back links that assist to get rank higher in search engine.

4. Articles Submission & Blogging

Article Submission is a process to gain quality incoming links from the content based pages.

Blogging: Blogging is one of the most advanced methods of boosting traffic and linking power to your website.

5. Classified ads

Classifieds Ads can serve to be a very useful way of announcing the attributes of your business. Posting classified ads in the right categories is a great tool for helping with website SEO as well as lead generation.

6. Forum Posting

Forum posting is vital for getting traffic and quality back links that increase SERP.

7. Press release

Press releases are essential as a communicative tool. A well written press release lets users know about your company and website. And also work well as back links pointed to your web site for the key words you want your web site to be known for.

Vancouver SEO Firm

Industry Army Marketing & SEO

I.A.Marketing and Optimization firm puts our client websites first.Iin order to achieve greater results in various search engines(Google, Yahoo, Bing, Ask, and so on). We pride ourselves on staying up to date with the latest techniques in SEO and internet marketing, such as link building, competitive analysis and research.

What we do for SEO Services

1: Website analysis and reporting
2: On-site Optimization
3: Google Optimization
4: Search Engine Submission
5: Off-Page Optimization (One way Link Building)
6: Work Report and Search Engine Reporting
Link Building :-
1:None Reciprocal Link Building Like one way Link Building:
I.A.Marketing will Create You One way Back Link through Directory Submission, Social Media Bookmarking, Articles Marketing, Blogs Posting, Press Release Submission, Forum Posting.
2: Deep Link Building: I.A.Marketing will Submit your site at Deep Link Building Directory, Back Link for Internal Page from Bookmark and Blogs, Articles.
3: Quick Traffic Building: I.A.Marketing will Post Local classified with Graphical Keywords along-with your Business keywords, Web 2.0 profile building with Best Keywords title.

I.A.Marketing SEO representitives can be available for 1 hour a week and even up too or more than 40 hrs per site. And always available online and via specific Messengers like Skype, Yahoo, Gtalk, Window messenger for voice and text chat both. I.A.Marketing is able to start any Project any time. I.A.Marketing is able to understand all your requirements and can follow easily your Job instructions, I.A.Marketing Provide you Proper weekly or monthy report.