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Any marketing company will tell you – the internet has changed marketing & branding. Today it is no longer about clever creative and timely advertisements and placements. Effective branding in the Inbound age is as much about “what” as it is “where.” SEO firms need to create a meaningful voice through content creation, establishing their clients on the channels that matter to their customers. But most important is tracking responses and using analytics in those portals to manage and gain valuable information about what the end users are really looking for, how they got there, and what makes them buy, or leave from those interactions the SEO Firm has put in place.

To help our I.A.Marketing partners we have put together this informative blog that will help build knowledge and understanding of SEO and online marketing. With today’s marketing environment in mind. We cover all the crucial aspects of online marketing branding. Together we will help you build out your business and with getting new clients.

Our hub sites will do just that for you. When you join the “Army” you will be a leader in your industry in your region. The information you share with the readers will help put you in as a leader in your industry.
Your quality content that you provide us will be spread amongst sites that are about a topic or an industry.

With a continuous growth of content generated from the others in the same industry will help us take on the competition for a lot less.
This is how we can provide such cheap SEO service. Because you provide the content and we give you the platforms to use.

Cheap SEO That Works. and How!

Cheap SEO That Works. and How!

What we can achieve when working with clients that see what we see. A vision of quality web sites and web design that work with today’s visual and technical standards.
We work with companies that work hard to get the same results with their clients. An honest day’s pay for an honest day’s work.

There is a certain statement about Return On Investment and value to what you do in work, life and relationships.
Our price structure works on that principle.

Online Marketing Companies

Industry Army Marketing is making SEO service possible for the small to medium sized business that offers the Best Service to their Clients the same value we offer our clients to bring new and valued customers.
Our service works as a lead generation tool from our designed Landing Pages, to SEO services. We get the information about your company and its goods and or services. And we attach it to our “Hub” site. These hub sites are essentially magazines that gather information, product stories, and related industry products, and innovations. And we create rich SEO article and have the keywords anchor to your website.
Our clients help with articles from knowledgable business owners, staff, and representatives with valuable stories once a month(on the ten dollar SEO package). We then get it onto one of our hundreds of sites about the information shared with One business in one service area, making it an exclusive club.

Cheap SEO Service

Now that we see a common ground on “service” we want to service you the same way you do for your clients and give the best Return On Investment. This is what clients are looking for these days, and you understand what a dollar really is to a business because you run one.
Our SEO services are related to our price structure. Our beginner SEO Package is Ten dollars a month. This SEO service will bring a story from you, edited by us, (if needed) and loaded from an SEO expert on a relative site with you as the industry leader. If you want to leave it all in our hands we can work with you and an editor to find that story or product everyone is wanting to hear about or looking for. After we create an engaging article that people are looking for. An added service that cost just $20 more making it only $30 a month.

This SEO package is aimed at Start Ups ad small business owners that only need to offer a niche market product or service to a local area. Delivering a quality product or services to their clients will sustain retention amongst your clients. Keeping marketing cost down on these businesses works and the “Cheap SEO” service of between $10 and $30 a month is perfect for them.

SEO Package

The understanding is ” The more you put in the more you get out, and that works in all things in life.
Other companies and businesses need a little more and will work that much harder or invest more to get it. So we offer larger SEO Packages that gets even more involvement from Us, and You. I.A.Marketing needs your participation to dig for the best of the best in compelling articles about, the newest innovation, a success story, industry trends, and such things as testimonials about your business. Offering more information about you and or your business is the only way we can help offer the assistance to bring new clients from online marketing.

Added SEO

Off course we offer other services like Website Audits, Web Design, Content Writers, Graphic Designers, and even such things as complete business identity packages. business wants needs and desires to draw up a custom SEO package to fit those requirements. The figure above tells a story of the percentage of users who click on the first placed add shows the drop off down the line. What keywords you are targeting online and what are the rankings needed to achieve your top rankings. We will work with you to find your share in a small market, a large market, a competitive market, or a niche market. Then we will be able to determine a budget and requirements needed to match expectations. Lets find the Perfect SEO package for you and work out a strategy. ” Life is like a sandwich, the more you put in it the better it gets” is our MODO. Remember “You are the Only service provider in your region but will have an “Army” of contractors and service providers behind you.

Increase Website Traffic

Our SEO content writerse will write a highly relevant, full-length article with back-links embedded from your chosen keywords. These articles are from $20 an article or get a book of 10 for just $175. Then Industry Army Marketing will find the best sites to publish your articles and do all the work to guarantee it gets posted and pointed to your site.

We create your blog post
Our team of professional SEO content writers will create a custom article that is either about your products or services. We can also find new innovative products that help your company look like the go to source for new information in your industry. This will help you look like the industry leader. With back-links from your chosen keywords in these great articles your company keeps looking better and better.

We publish your post
We publish your SEO friendly articles to blogs and websites, relevant to your business, to generate back-links that increase your keyword rankings. These articles help put more eyes on your company that building your brand and your web presence.

Google is Your Friend

Once your web friendly content has been published on the relevant sites we let Google do the rest. Google will add it to their search results raising your rank for your keywords and result with your site getting more visitors and customers.

Watch your SEO Authority go up

Now, when someone does a search for your keywords and finds you on anyone of the site that get traffic in your relevant industry. Google raises your rank accordingly especially when these viewers click on the link to your site.

We Do the SEO Work

With out fail we’ll maintain your article listings and their keyword back-links for as long as you are with Industry Army Marketing. We also keep detailed records of exactly what we do for you each and every month.

We want you as our client because when you join each and everyone of our customers get more visibility. Remember it’s an Army mentality, you are the only one in your area, but have an army of service providers just like you to help join in on the internet battle ground

Vancouver Marketing Company

Identify your Niche, and know your market. So many people jump into something without first doing the research. Utilize online sources and tools to-wit:

Google Search
Google Trends
Google Keyword Tool
Google Alerts

As with any market, You’re looking for buyers, not subscribers. Pick your niche from your experiences, strengths, and passions. You want to present yourself as an expert in your field. Choose the niche and check the competition, a good niche is one that has ready available products that “Solve” the customers pain.

When searching for a customer market, be sure to utilize the search results in the upper left hand corner (results). A good market has people searching for whatever products fit that category, and there are less than 400,000 search results.

Put yourself in the customers position, not the sellers, and utilize phrases a customer would use to search for their solution to their pain. Always focus on benefits, not “Features”.

Also, make sure people are actually buying in that market. Utilizing the above tools, come up with long-tail keywords from a buyers stand point. Setup Google alerts for each, and actually go to each link that is emailed from those alerts to see what the prospective customer is wanting.

Look for their “Pain” then find solutions that you can market as an affiliate, OR, create solutions, or outsource the development of those solutions.

If you just throw up a product page without first researching your target audience, chances are you won’t make a dime.

So the summary here is “Do your research and identify the client’s needs, then find or create a sell-able solution in a low competition environment”, and you should do very well, if you have done your homework.

Only then, can you start to market it.

Market it with Social Media, from completed professional profiles on LinkedIn, Facebook, Pintrest, Twitter, Maven, Skils, Klout, Hubspot, Squidoo, Stumbleupon, Technorati,
and other available Social Sites.

Also setup a professional looking WordPress Blog on your own domain (blogs are easy to index and there are a host of WP Plugins that aid in on page and off page seo.

Also most likely, in your research and from your delivered Google Alerts, you’ll find question sites and forums where these people are expressing their pains that you’re providing the “Fix”, so be sure to interact with each one (these are prospective clients) but be careful not to market to them directly there.

Interact with them and give advice, and in your signature, have a link back to your actual sales page. The more quality posts you make everywhere, then the more targeted “Buyer” traffic you’ll generate to your site.

Link Building

The goal is simple….

To move your website to the top of the search engine pages so you can get more traffic, more customers, and more sales!
using a PROVEN method of content marketing, link building, and link indexing to make sure that our work gets the attention of search engines for best SEO results.

Our Link Building strategies are attuned to the latest Google Panda update and include Incorporating links only from sites that have good quality content, good traffic and social-sharing. All links will be ONE WAY links from relevant websites.
All our sites are indexed and cached by Google, Yahoo and Bing. Our linked sites are search engine friendly, established and fully active. Link pages and our text links are visible, readable, indexable and do-follow. Use of the proper anchor text/description provided by you to ensure your website gets the right keywords to place our link to your website.
Links from specifically targeted, relevant, good quality sites will get your web site to rise to the top of the search terms you want.

Increase Traffic

To increase your website traffic you must add content each and every week at minimum. With high quality relevant information that has keyword consistant written into each and every article. Google, even with its changing criteria has always put a high value on new, excellent reader relevant content on websites.

If you are not a major website player and do not have a very large budget don’t expect to get top ratings for general keyword phrases. A tight primary and secondary niche with appropriate keyword phrases will get you the farthest.

One SEO website expert who does what he preaches built a few well chosen half dozen websites for the sole intention of building them up for ongoing residual income stated that it took over 50 pages of relevant, well written content on his websites before he truly got a decent amount of traffic. He then noticed another major jump in traffic and conversions when he hit 200 articles, again well written and informative( The stuff people like to share). He got another amazing jump by the time he hit 800 articles per website.

These well written articles must be keyword phrase optimized, highly targeted to the needs of the target niche chosen, and not be duplicates of other articles found elsewhere in other websites. Although he speaks of jumps in traffic and conversions, there was a continuum of improvements along the way … and he wrote at the pace of about one or two new articles per week per website without fail.

What we are trying to get across is that it is a lot of hard work to get such positions, but truly worth it. So no matter if it is your site or your clients site make sure due diligence is the number one factor in getting raking and keeping SEO authority.

Free SEO Tools

Vancouver SEO firm uses

Vancouver SEO firm uses

One free SEO tool to use for your online campaign is
This is a site that can tell you specifics about your site or your competitors site. It will dive into the rankings and competitive keywords and Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising keywords your competition is using. is absolutely free to use and has helped out many of the businesses we deal with on a day to day basis for our clients in SEO Vancouver.
Find out who ranks for these same keywords you might be looking to build your business with and start to write posts and descriptions into your online strategy.

Nothing is more important than constant updates to your site and acquiring relative back links to build your awareness to the Google robots crawling your site and your linking partners.

So keep it fresh, relevant and unique and the Google Spiders will also be your online partner. And let I.A.Marketing Vancouver keep you informed on the latest for free SEO tips.

SEO Vancouver

I.A.Marketing SEM Firm VancouverI.A.Marketing SEM Firm Vancouver

SEO Audit

We are here to help with your Search Engine Optimization performance and rankings.
Let I.A.Marketing  professionals do a complete website Audit.
We will perform these tasks for you and break them down one by one.
Duplicate Title Tags
Unique, descriptive page titles increase the chances that Google search engines will direct users and your target audience to your website and exact landing pages they are looking for. The I.A.Marketing Site Audit gives you a list of all duplicate titles used on your unique web pages to help users locate product pages or services offered on your site. We also offer tips on how to effectively recreate unique title tags quickly and easily.
Missing Title Tags
Google Search engines display the page title in search results bar, and if your page is missing your title you are losing an opportunity to drive traffic to your site and loose SEO authority. The I.A.Marketing Site Audit gives you a comprehensive to do list for your site, you will mot be missing a single title tag when we are done.
Long Title Tags
When search engines display your page title, they will often truncate titles that are above the recommended 70 characters. The I.A.Marketing Site Audit identifies any pages on your web site with titles that are too long.
Multiple Title Tags
Each page on your site is unique and each page deserves a unique title that describes the content on the page. Sometimes we have found sites that have more than one title on a page. The I.A.Marketing Site Audit checks this for you, and will give you a list of pages with multiple titles, and again we have ways to help you build your site in the future and keep mistakes down to a minimum.
Using Redirects effectively is important. Having too many pages on your site link to other pages wastes web spider resources and may result in a smaller number of pages being crawled. I.A.Marketing  analysis can determine whether or not you are using redirects effectively and we will help with the information needed to gain strength on the Search Engine Results.
Anchor Text
Effective anchor text concisely describes the destination page. The I.A.Marketing Site Audit provides a comprehensive list of links found on various pages of your site.
Broken Links
Any broken links undermine user experience, and wastes search engine spider resources, and will affect your placement in search engines results. With the I.A.Marketing Site Audit, you will find any  broken links on your site and quickly make changes.
Dead End Pages
Pages without any links are not good for your visitors. We can show you which pages on your site are dead ends to help you improve the user experience.
Page Not Found
A good ‘404’ or ‘Page Not Found’ error page does more than simply report the error. Our analysis of your site can tell you whether or not you have created a proper ‘Page Not Found’ error page.
Long URLs
Most search engines display URLs in search results. If an URL is too long, people doing searches will see a truncated version and you might miss an opportunity to get them to click. If you insist on keeping a long URL there are ways for I.A.Marketing to help Goole read it.
Duplicate Content
Are you reusing text on your site? This has very negative effect, even more than you think. Find out how the duplicate content on your site affects your search engine rank, and how I.A.Marketing can help.
Duplicate Meta Descriptions
Meta descriptions, like page content, should be unique to the products or services you are promoting on each page. We will help you find any duplicate meta descriptions anywhere on your entire site. Let us help your pages get properly indexed.
Too Many Links
Links are good. Having too many outbound links or internal links can potentially make the page more difficult to navigate, and could create other SEO problems. Discover the pages on your site that have too many links.
Server Errors
Server errors indicate major problems with the content of your site. The I.A.Marketing Site Audit checks for server errors on your site and provides a comprehensive list of pages that are giving server errors.
A misconfigured robots.txt file can inadvertently block crawlers from valuable content. The I.A.Marketing Site Audit can check to see if your robots.txt file is configured correctly, and provides recommendations if it is not.
Session IDs
Sites that use session ID parameters as part of their URLs may receive a lower ranking in search results. Find out which pages on your site use these with the I.A.Marketing Site Audit.
Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
Build upon your existing SEM efforts with our keyword recommendations, tailored to your site. Using our vast database of search analytics, we can help you find the more cost-effective and relevant keywords to use for advertising.
On-Site Links
We also analyze the link structure of your site to determine which pages could benefit from more links from across your site.
Many websites allow for users to visit them through both and Most search engines treat these as separate hosts, so it is important to have one redirect to the other or you risk splitting your Page Rank across the two versions of your site.
Low Word Count
Pages with little or no text content often receive poor placement in search results. In the I.A.Marketing Site Audit, you can find a listing of pages containing little or no text content to help improve your placement in search results.
Image Descriptions
Using image descriptions can help search engines index the non-text content of your pages, and makes your site more accessible for the visually impaired. Discover the location of pages on your site that have images with no description.
Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

SEO Vancouver

Ten Dollar SEO

Ten Dollar SEO

Let Our SEO Experts Move Your Site To The Top

Industry Army Marketing‘s SEO experts do all the work for you, using our proven white-hat system that has helped hundreds of businesses achieve higher search engine traffic.

Utilizing I.A.Marketing and our extensive knowledge of Search Engine Optimization, we create and manage keyword selections, web content, social networking, blogging strategies, and business directory listings all from just $10 a month. Our Hub Marketing strategy makes your Investment on SEO the

Constant SEO Progress

Each month we continue to build your traffic visibility by adding more relative content and business listings.

Full SEO Disclosure

Monthly reports detail what we do for you and your business, making it easy for you to see exactly what we achieve and the value we bring to you and your business listings.Our Ten Dollar SEO is the best programme in the business. We use the best partners on the Web to bring our Hub Sites to the top of Searches and your landing pages will have a benefit for Lead Generation.

#1 Canadian Author

Colin Sparke Marketing Trainer

Colin Sparke Marketing Trainer

Colin Sparke : Entrepreneur Success Recipe

The average of books sold in North America sell 10,000 copies. Colin’s book has sold 3000 copies in the first week of being on the shelf.
He has built a Million dollar consulting business for Businesses in just 1 short year.

Most of his system is built on a soft pitch programme. Build your business from funnels that work in systems that work as a spiral to bring in new clients. Promotional partners can be built from the clients, this is the system that Colin has created to build his business.
Plot out the system first but make sure it is sustainable for the growth of your business. Make sure the software you use today will be able to connect with the platforms you use in the future.

Working with business owners can show you the pitfalls in a very quick glance. Colin asks to see the business plan from the business owner. As the old saying goes if you have No Plan, Plan To Fail. Keep a focus on your business and what brings in the revenue stream. All entrepreneurs are ADD Another Damn Destruction. Best advice for entrepreneurs is to stay focused, focused on the revenue stream you build around the systems you build to grow your brand and identity as a business.

Own your own greatness, Colin’s latest course for his students. Bring in the system that delivers the right product to sell to your clients. Why fund your business when your business can fund it self. Colin has launched his book through a prelaunch sales platform that has paid for the cost of the book itself.

You can launch a course in the same way, a prelaunch can pay for the course upfront even before it is finished.

Selling your product needs a great offer. A good copy can sell itself.

Industry Army Marketing wants to learn from every Business coach and use their business strategies in place for marketing with every industry and brand the work with.

Marketing Mastery Summit

The Three types of Business Follower-ship

Iman Aghay

Iman Aghay

Promotional Partners

For every business you must find a promotional partner. In some cases this promotional partner might be as much as 20% of your revenue stream. It is important to have many promotional partners in your business fellowship.

Sneezers: Are people who follow you believe in you. They talk about you and tell their family ind friends about your products or services. These people share your message. A valuable partner in your marketing brand.
Favour Motivated: They are people or businesses you can align with that can share your contact info with and deliver your message with them through email lists. You also share your email list to deliver their product and info. Even if you cant align with them this way there are ways to connect through other promotions or events. Work out a deal with these companies to offer value in the info you share.
Content Motivated: What your business teaches helps other perform their tasks and products. Work out a relationships that can have a relationship with big business. Big business needs to look good to their clients and brand. These relationships can share in social media, volunteer events, and other ways to connect with value based clients and groups. When they look good, You look good.
Money Motivated: Pay per client or work out how they can sell their products or services through your sales funnel. Everyone of your clients has value in a monetary way. For instance if you sell out events your clients pay to go to these events. Even if they are a free seminar. How to get money out of your clients from a free seminar as your touch point. These clients know even thou their seminar is for free. They also know that a percentage of each client will purchase by the end of the seminar is done and finished. Work with in a system and you will know what the value is of each client/seat. Your average customer lifetime Value.
Credibility Seekers:Promotional partners that need to add value to their credibility. Your brand can reach out to build another person product or brand. This again must be shared with people of familiar values. Who can you approach and align with to build your businesses credibility.

Production Partners

These could be companies that you work with and can help each other promote each others business. These types of relationships can help build and also give you a chance to look good at the same time. If you can make people or a business look good and build a relationship that shares clients and cost of visibility.
Your Clients: You already have a relationship with them and trust your offering. These clients might be able to share back in some of your value offerings. When you have products or services you give away then you have a offering to share with new clients they bring t you.
Your Competitors: These clients might be just based on price point. Maybe you have a kick back program. They also might have some of the same products or services, but probably not all the same products. Your company and the competitor company might have different products that they do not share or sell the product services. If you look deep into your competitors they might also be your best referral partner.
Business in Same Niche Market: Build your power team. People that service the same client but in a different sector. For instance realtors with Mortgage brokers, flooring companies with painters.
Affiliate Networks: These companies can help reach out to partners in a very fast way through affiliated websites. This can be done on a pay per click, or through products being sold.

Clients and Potential Partners

Find companies that what to work with you, that see a benefit in building a brand relationship.
These business partners must have the same kind of vision and values built into their business.
Influential Partners: Tracking System and promotional codes and of course gift cards. These products can be traced back to who is giving you the most business. Promotional partners help market your business. They in turn become your soft sell partner. This is the world of analytics, this can work out efficiency of your promotional partners.

Learning Marketing the Pro’s

Colin with John Chow

Colin with John Chow

If any one out there is looking for the way to market their business you must attend events that bring the very best in their perspective industry.

John Chow is one of those people. is a pro at building sales funnels and landing pages to create new clients. Yes John is about the blogging industry and not in the SEO industry but every business has many of the same marketing strategies.

If you can go to an event and have one take away, and use it that might be very beneficial to helping bring in new clients.
Building squeeze pages to get the customer information so you have the permission to contact them again and again.

These successful people have ways to think about building businesses in a way that is very effective. If you have an effective marketing system you waste less money. That means a better ROI.

Make sure your clients can trust you and your products. Building trust builds relationships that last and can grow your customer lifetime value.

Build your client funnels so that you can get the very best in customers.
Build increase value in your customer experience. If you can build that experience in every customer you can have an average of 20% added value from each customer.